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Meet Nancy Hillis, Creator of The Artist's Journey
From Passion to Multi-6 Figure Business and Best-Selling Book Launch Using the Expert Experience Method™
Getting Past the Fear That No One Wants What You Are Creating
As a psychiatrist who works with creative people, Nancy knows all about working through fears. “Working with creators, I was very aware that fear comes up a lot for anyone when you put your heart and your best work out there. What if no one wants it? What if no one buys your painting? What if you don’t get your book published?…"

Nancy realized it was now or never. If she didn’t launch, she could never live her dream of moving from her one-to-one practice to helping more people through her work. She realized that the Expert Experience Method™ provided her with the step-by-step process to make sure her launch would be a success.

Nancy launched her first online course. We then worked together to launch next level courses and a membership site.
It Was a "David and Goliath" Story
In a blink, Nancy had created a wildly successful multi-6 figure business that far exceeded her income from her private practice. Most importantly, because her courses were automated, it freed up time to work on something else that Nancy had always wanted to do: write.

"In working with Jeanine and putting these courses out there, I’m starting to realize that I really love to write. The confidence I’ve gained from writing these courses has enable me to write a book about painting which I’m really excited about.”

Our team built Nancy’s book launch for her. Nancy calls it a “David and Goliath” story—and it was. Her book would be competing in BIG book categories with big name authors launched by huge publishing houses. Nancy decided to pass on working with a publishing house and independently publish her book so that she could maintain total creative control.

Our team launched Nancy’s book, The Artist's Journey, and it landed at:
#1 in Popular Psychology
Top 100 in the highly competitive Self-Help
#1 Hot New Releases in Painting

She was no longer having to commute daily to her practice. Her online course business revenue had surpassed her private practice.
Nancy's Launch Results
The best part: Nancy’s course is now fully automated. Every single day, her automated funnel attracts leads, has them show up in her recorded webinar, receive her closing emails and sign up for her course. All Nancy has to do is look at the sales notifications coming into her inbox.
Nancy's Revamped Funnel – New Copy, Design, Technical Integration, and Marketing Automation
Webinars are dead, right? Wrong.
When you intentionally craft a transformative experience for your audience in your webinar using the Expert Experience Method™, your people make the time to show up. Over 70% of the people that sign up for Nancy's webinar, show up and stay riveted to her message. Her results are AMAZING and multiples of the industry standard.

Facebook doesn’t work anymore, right? Wrong
Nancy is attracting thousands of new leads on Facebook and Instagram with the ad campaign we designed. Nancy's ads are generating a 2500% return for her.
Here's the problem:
Most coaches, consultants, and other experts are going to miss out on the opportunity to build a leveraged business, leaving them to continue to struggle to find clients and grow their impact. Why?
The things that hold experts back:
  •  Spending a ton of time creating the wrong offer – most offers are too broad and narrowing the content could make a huge difference
  •  Choosing the wrong audience – the right audience is specific, has a problem you can help them solve, and will spend money to solve it
  •  Focusing on the wrong things to grow the business – 90% of coaches, consultants, and other experts follow an Old School Business Model that is harder and no longer working as well as it used to
In this free book, we'll walk through how you can quickly make a big difference with your work.
Ready to Create Your Own Experience Funnel?
"[My online course] has opened up experiences of connection with people all over the world."
"Jeanine has transformed my life. With her guidance and expertise, she opened up doors for me over and over again. Working with Jeanine helped me to break through the resistance, break through the fear, helped me to have a breakthrough in my own life...to create something completely new. And it was miraculous. It has opened up experiences of connection with people all over the world. I have people writing to me every day, saying that the work I am doing has changed their lives...
some people have said it has saved their lives. "
– Nancy Hillis, Creator of The Artist's Journey

Ready to Create Your Own Experience Funnel?
The three mindset shifts we will walk through in this chapter are critical to becoming an expert who creates a massively successful business sharing what you know. 
How to Price Your Offers
Pricing is a strategic decision that affects every aspect of your business. In this chapter, we'll look at how you can price your offers so your clients value your expertise and so you reach your revenue goals.

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