How to Authentically Sell Anything Online
With a 
High-Converting Webinar
How to Authentically Sell Anything Online
With a
High-Converting Webinar
During this training, we'll explore...
  • The exact structure I've been following to create my own webinars, including one that has had over 100,000 registrants over the past 2 years alone 
  • The one thing you must include in your webinar to help your people move past their barriers and take action
  • ​Why your webinar platform doesn't matter and what to focus on instead
  • How to easily transition into selling your offer without feeling sleazy or awkward
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In this free training, we will walk through what today's most successful consultants, coaches, and service providers are doing in their webinars to provide value, keep their audience engaged, and generate more revenue.

When you put in the work to create one great webinar, it can absolutely transform your business.

I'll Share the Same Structure I've Been Following to Create My Own Webinars

Including one that’s had over 100,000 registrants over the past two years alone — many of 
whom have written to me saying it’s the best webinar they’ve EVER attended!
"This was so clear and concise! No fluff! Ten minutes in, I was flooded with ideas!" 
- Sandra R. 
"Thank you, Jeanine! Great content. Great energy. Deeply clarifying and inspiring." 
- Julia M.
"Thank you for offering this webinar. I greatly appreciate the wisdom and advice it offered."
- Allen H.
"This all sounds incredible. Thanks so much for such an easy webinar. I will visit the website."
- Yvon M.
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